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¿Lesionado en un accidente de auto?

En Martinez Manglardi, llevamos más de 30 años protegiendo a las víctimas de accidentes automovilísticos. No arriesgue su caso. En Martinez Manglardi, le ayudaremos a recuperar el dinero que realmente se merece. Nuestros abogados de accidentes automovilísticos en La Florida Central, pueden quitarte un gran peso de encima.

¿Cuánto vale mi caso de accidente de auto?

Si sufriste a causa de otro después de un accidente de auto, nuestros abogados de accidentes automovilísticos te pueden ayuda a recuperar:

Brenda Gonzalez
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I definitely recommend 100% the services of Martinez Mangardi law firm, Orlando office. Excellent service, professionalism and they really fight for your rights. Special thanks to Mr. Jose Carrion and Mrs. Sonia Bayona for going the extra mile in resolving my case and especially for their big heart and making me feel safe and that I was in good hands.
Ayub Abdulrahman
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Do yourself a favor and hire Manglardi. They will fight for you to the last minute. My case had a lot of what ifs and they were able to give me some assurances and guide me through the process. Ana specifically was amazing answering all of my questions. I was really blown away on the negotiations they did on my medical bills slicing the prices by over 60% and doubling my take home amount. Being a person working 2 jobs to get a deposit for a house all of 2022. The amount that was won for me is absolutely life changing. We are finally going to be homeowners! Thank you thank you thank you
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I'm thankful for this law firm Staff was very professional Also I was a difficult client but they had patients beyond belief Very informative very helpful I would recommend For anyone seeking legal assistants
carlos cuevas
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In my experience with this firm and communicating directly with Mrs. Ana Tarraza, it had been the most pleasant and friendly times. Ana is such a sweet lady and human being. She makes you feel like home and part of the family. The attention to detail, professionalism and most importance understanding of your problem is amazing. It's no dough that I can thrush and recommend this firm any time. Thank you again Mrs. Tarraza for your help and understanding. Carmen D. Cuevas
Maria Torres
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I had a wonderful experience with Martinez and Manglardi representing me for my case. They were amazing to work with, Jessie and her team did an amazing job. They were kind, helpful, and attentive.10/10 recommend
Andres Bolivar
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I had an awesome experience with Martinez Manglardi. I had the blessing of counting with Mrs. Padilla, Mr. Bleakley and Ms. Isaza-Roldan’s help throughout my complex case. They were very supportive, informative and empathetic and provided all the help and information that we needed during the whole process. I highly recommend this professional and effective law firm 10/10 Thank you!

Las consecuencias de un accidente automovilístico puede ser un momento aterrador y confuso. Es posible que estés herido, incapaz de trabajar y preguntándote qué sucederá a continuación. Contar con un abogado de accidentes automovilísticos en La Florida Central, de tu lado puede quitarte un gran peso de encima.

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